Get Ready For Boardgames! Register for sites now

We plan to have a boardgames “room” available at ScaledCon to let people meet up with players and arrange to chat while they play. The games themselves will go on at and

In order for things to go smoothly on April 4th it would be a good idea to go online and register for both of these sites beforehand. Both sites have both free and paid tiers. Then you can host a game and advertise it to other people at the convention so that they can join you for an online tabletop game. Or you can look in the convention chat and join someone else’s game.

As you can imagine these kind of sites are snowed under with people trying to play at the moment. Please be patient with them, they are doing their level best! You may have to try a few times to get online or get registered. To be safe we have chosen to suggest two sites so that if one is unavailable on the day there will still be boardgames available at ScaledCon.

If you know of other good solutions, please do let people know about them. We are suggesting these two currently so that hopefully people will have compatible platforms to play on the day. See you on Saturday April 4th.

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