Calling GMs- Register your ScaledCon role playing game(s) now and get the necessary software ready

We are now registering role playing games for ScaledCon, the online virtual replacement for Conpulsion. We would love for you to GM at the convention.

There will be three RPG slots on Saturday 4th April

  • 10.00-13.00 for the early risers
  • 14.00-17.00 for the mere mortals
  • 20.00-23.00 for the night owls

GM Registration – NOW CLOSED


Player registration is still open. You can also arrange pickup games on the day

Registering your game is easy. Go to the signup for ScaledCon at and select the GM and other hosts ticket type

Then you will be led through registration and receive a confirmation like . This step should look like the picture below (if not you may have selected the General Admission ticket type, just hop back and start again)

If you see this, congrats you have mastered our signup page like a mighty wizaard

After you register we will contact you

Once you register watch your email (and your spam just in case) since we will email you a Google Form to get details for each of your games. The form will need:

  • Your email – so we can link this up with your registration
  • A title for your game
  • What time slot you want the game to run in
  • The name you wish to GM under (this will be public)
  • The system of your game
  • The number of players for your game
  • A description of your game
  • A link to the Webex call you will use to host your game (see below)
  • A link to the Rolz dice roller you will use to run your game if needed (see below)

If you don’t get the email, please contact us at

Finding Your Players on the Day

There will be general social chat spaces via Discord which is how we plan to link GMs up with players so make sure you know how Discord works (its super simple). The discord links for the social meeting spaces will be published nearer the time.

Our plan is for individual games to run over Webex using the Rolz online dice roller via links which GMs will post into Discord.

When starting the game be sure to let your players know if you are allowing charity rerolls in contribution to the Grassmarket Community Project


So that everyone is prepared on the day with the same technical setup, the plan is for all games to use Webex. This is because it is free and you can easily post links to the virtual meeting room. To sign up for Webex visit and sign up for the free tier. You will also need to download the Webex client which should be available for Windows, Mac and Linux. there are also Android and iPhone clients if you don’t have a computer. There are a bunch of handy tutorials on the site. As a GM you will need to create a meeting and then save the link so that you can share it with your players (and with us so we can try to keep things organised)


Rolz is a handy free website which lets you create virtual rooms for text chat and more importantly DICE! First create a login at Then create a “dice room” for your game and get the weblink so that you can email it to us and share it with your players. There is a useful sidebar when you enter a dice room which explains how to roll dice (basically prefix with a hash like #2D6) The system supports a wide variety of dice and systems with exploding dice and wild dice.

Handouts and Character Sheets

If you have maps or character sheets for your players these will likely need to be sent by email. We can’t sharepeople’s emails lest we anger the mighty gods of GDPR, so you will need to get your player’s emails on the day, then send them and handouts. The cool kids may also try to share content direct through Webex.

Since things will likely take a little longer to set up than face to face RPGs its likely a good idea to pregenerate character sheets for your players to speed things along.

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