Roleplaying – Preparation for Players

First things first get your free ticket . After that you will need to take a look at the technologies we intend to use for the online RPGs so that you are ready on the day since roleplaying online needs a little more preparation by players than playing face to face.

Paper character sheets – Ah that takes me back – to February before everything had to move online

Finding your GM on the Day

There will be general social chat spaces via Discord which is how we plan to link GMs up with players so make sure you know how Discord works (its super simple). The discord links for the social meeting spaces will be published nearer the time.

Our plan is for individual games to run over Webex using the Rolz online dice roller via links which GMs will post into Discord.

When starting the game be sure to ask your GM if you are allowed to buy charity rerolls in contribution to the Grassmarket Community Project


So that everyone is prepared on the day with the same technical setup, the plan is for all games to use Webex. This is because it is free and you can easily post links to the virtual meeting room. To sign up for Webex visit and sign up for the free tier. You will also need to download the Webex client which should be available for Windows, Mac and Linux. there are also Android and iPhone clients if you don’t have a computer. There are a bunch of handy tutorials on the site. The GMs will create a meeting and then post the link so that players can join


Rolz is a handy free website which lets you create virtual rooms for text chat and more importantly DICE! First create a login at Your GM will create a “dice room” for your game and share the weblink so that you can join it. There is a useful sidebar when you enter a dice room which explains how to roll dice (basically prefix with a hash like #2D6) The system supports a wide variety of dice and systems with exploding dice and wild dice.

Handouts and Character Sheets

You may get pre-generated characters from your GM to speed play along since everyone has enough to grapple with without trying to allocate those last couple of advancement points

If your GM has maps or character sheets for you these will likely be sent by email. We won’t share your email with your GM lest we anger the mighty gods of GDPR, so you will need to give your GM your email on the day, then check your mail box. The cool kids may also try to share content direct through Webex. Speak to your GM on the day.

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