Saturday Afternoon RPGs

The RPGs for the Saturday Afternoon RPG slot (14:00 to 17:00) will be posted here as we get them. Links to pre-registration for games will go live soon.

Treasure is not always what it seems

Agone: The Inspiring Flame

GM: Stephen McMorland
System: Agone’s unique system (Attribute + Skill+ Bonuses +D10)
Players 4 to 6
Agone – The Inspiring Flame: A Baroque dark fantasy which features strange races, and a unique form of magic based on The Arts the world is suffering under the evil machinations of a mad god determined to destroy all beauty, freedom and free will, as The Inspired you have the power to defy him, save the goddesses that can revive the world and save everyone.

Dragonshard Heist

GM: Richard Coates
System: D&D 5e Ebberon
Players 4 to 6
Content Rating: PG13
Dragonshard Heist : Rollicking Wild West style Steampunk Fantasy with players cast as outlaws. There will be Injuns ( goblins), corrupt lawmen ( undead) stage coaches and the rest. Wanted ( add your name here) dead or alive. Reward 500gp . You tear down the poster and laugh: youve not even got started yet!
You’ve heard rumours a wagon is coming by these parts ( Orcbone) It is carrying a consignment of Dragonshard crystals: fantastically valuable gems vital to magical technology. It will be well defended, perhaps the native goblins might help… at a price. GM using Zoom as subscribes to Zoom Pro.

This Forgotten Babylon

GM: Martin Pickett
System: Traveller (Mongoose 2nd Ed)
Players 3 to 5
Content Rating: PG13
This Forgotten Babylon : On a desolate planet in a remote system, a survey crew has found something extraordinary. A ruined city, abandoned for tens of thousands of years, build with technology never seen before. Immediately the system was placed under interdiction, and a courier sent to arrange a large-scale survey mission.
But a secret is a hard thing to keep. Freelance salvage crews across the sub-sector keep administrators ‘on retainer’ to get word of finds like this first, to steal a march on the competition. You are one such crew, and years of bribes have just paid off. Imagine the price you will get, selling the first artifacts of this newly discovered alien race.
You have arrived in-system, ahead of the competition and the authorities. All you have to do now is fill your hold with treasures and get away before anyone can stop you. Simple.

The Box of Dreams The Box of Dreams

GM: Aaron Billingham
System: Coriolis
Players 3 to 5
Content Rating: PG13
The Box of Dreams: The portal jumps and space runs back to Coriolis Station have been agonisingly long. Threateningly close to the cold dark, even your cargo hold full of treasure has been no comfort. It should have been an easy job picking apart valuable tech and cultural artefacts from the trash of an abandoned planet, but one charming little box caught your engineer’s eye, who on a whim, added it to your haul. And then dreams began. All could be yours: the treasure, the ship, more even, and for such a small price, just open the box.
A science-fiction thriller set to Coriolis’s ‘Arabian Nights in space’ background.


GM: Alan Jackson
System: Homebrew
Players 4 to 5
Content Rating: 15+
Dropzone: Join the Colonial Marines! Explore the Galaxy. Meet new exciting xenomorphs and get eaten by them. Colony planet LV-246 has stopped responding and you’ve been sent to find out why. Good luck.

This game will run over Zoom

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