Saturday Morning RPGs

The RPGs for the Saturday Morning RPG slot (10:00 to 13:00) will be posted here as we get them. Links to pre-registration for games will go live soon.

Trust not in the dice, for they will lead you to madness

Creeping Doom

GM: Simon Proctor
System: Numenera
Players 3 to 5
Creeping Doom: The village of Gelbrox has a problem. A giant numenera device has been slowly approaching for many years. Now it encroaches on the farmlands and the elders have asked you to help.

Trooble t’ Mill

GM: Richard Coates
System: D&D 5e Ebberon
Players 4 to 6
Content Rating: PG13
Trooble t’ Mill : A Dickensian flavour steampunk noir adventure set in the City of Sharn, Ebberon: a city of shining skyscrapers above and festering slums below. You scratch a living as freelance oinvestigators. You have been offered a highly lucrative but highly dangerous contract to uncover the illegal use of magical technology by a prominent House Cannith industrialist. Start by finding out why his locked out workers are rioting. GM using Zoom as subscribes to Zoom Pro.

Princess Noreena’s Hats

GM: Martin Pickett
System: The Princess Bride RPG
Players 3 to 5
Content Rating: PG13
Princess Noreena’s Hats: Tensions are running high between Florin and Guilder, Prince Humperdinck’s ships shutting down all official trade between the two neighbouring countries. This leaves many opportunities for enterprising private individuals to supply the demand.
Short on money and goodwill (as usual), you have a chance to earn both. All you have to do, according to your employer, is simply transport some hats from Florin to Princess Noreena, ruler of Guilder. Simple, no?

Tabula Rasa

GM: Matthew Barrowcliffe
System: Homebrew
Players 3 to 5
Content Rating: 15+
Tabula Rasa: You have a headache, you are tied up in a small room with some others. You all look confused. Where are you? Who are you?

Garden Party

GM: Steve Ironside
System: Over the Edge, Second Edition
Players: 3 to 5
Content Rating: 15+
Garden Party: Mayor Monique D’Aubainne of Al-Amarja has sent you a free, Free, ALL-EXPENSES-PAID! VIP pass to visit the island for a soireé that she is giving in a couple of days’ time. With things the way they are at home, this seems like a perfect opportunity to get away, and maybe even discover a permanent new life – the Mayor certainly seems keen to have you come along, even though you’ve never heard of her or the island! Still, as the plane descends, you’re confident that a good time awaits..

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