Saturday Evening RPGs

The RPGs for the Saturday Evening RPG slot (20:00 to 23:00) will be posted here as we get them. Links to pre-registration for games will go live soon.

The hour is dark and the dice are too


GM: Martin Pickett
System: Traveller (Mongoose 2nd Ed)
Players 3 to 5
Content Rating: PG13
ReContact! : Skenta, 1032 Foreven. Interdicted for 400 years since a civil war destroyed the single habitable planet, killing nearly 3 billion sophonts in the process. To contain the threat, their neighbours destroyed every jump-capable ship in the system and retreated, wiping the databases of every mention of Skenta except a stark prohibition on contact. To this day the Skenta League and the Vilhet Open Alliance continue their bitter conflict through minor incidents and regrettable mistakes, each side maneuvering for advantage over the other.
On a lonely research base hidden in the asteroid fields, scientists seek to re-invent the jump drive, a weapon that would all but guarantee victory for the VOA. Unless the enemy get it first. And unless something else happens…

Stupid Heroes!

GM: Lion Templin
System: Homebrew
Players 3 to 6
Content Rating: 18+
Stupid Heroes! : When the world dredges up the dumbest of super villains, there’s only one thing the public can do: go back to work and ignore it. Because this sounds like a job for Stupid Heroes! Stupid evil demands a stupid hero. Join us in the Hall of Breakfast with your own questionably useful or pretty damn unsafe super powers as we fight to keep the world meh from the menace of poor life choice super villains! It’s up to you to save(?) the day … again. Stupid Heroes is a one-shot adventure run on the GM’s own system that he makes up during the game. Required: Sarcasm, duh. Biting wit, check. Blatant disregard for common sense, POWER ON FOR ADVENTURE! And there will be some dice or something. Timmy Power Gamer and Rules Lawyer Larry need not apply. Prop 53 Warning: May cause cancer in some countries. Off void in Utah. Best viewed with Booze! Stupid Heroes, it’s .. OK!

Easy Money!

GM: Andy Random
System: Subjective Fudge, Background: Firefly universe
Players 3 to 5
Content Rating: 15+
Easy Money! :

It seemed like an easy job, pick up a cargo, take it out to the Rim, get paid… and the pay was good!

Perhaps too good?
Are you suspicious?
Has greed overcome caution?
Well Duh!
I mean, how bad could it be?

Game set in the Firefly universe (though PCs will not be characters from the show), but using simple Fudge rules (no knowledge of Fudge required).

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