Additional Boardgame Options

Over the last few weeks demand for Tabletopia and BoardgameArena our main platforms for board games at ScaledCon have understandably spiked leading to capacity issues for free accounts.

For when your backup plan needs a backup plan

Therefore here are some other options that it might be worth getting prior to the day to ensure that you can easily play games with your friends at the convention.

Board Games on Steam

There are currently several boardgames available free on Steam. Be aware that some of these may be limited time offers, so acquire them now in case they are back to full price by the time of the convention

Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig (tile placement -free if you get it before 30th March):

Memoir 44 Online (wargame):

Drawful 2 (drawing game) :

Imagination (card game):

Risk Global Domination (basic edition of the wargame):

Printable Write and Roll Games

Got a printer, a pen and either some dice or access to Rolz? Then you can play some print and play goodness with your friends at the convention.

Rolling Realms: The lovely folk at Stonemaier Games have released a free roll and write game called Rolling Realms which can be downloaded from here . you will need a printer, a pen and the dice roller at (since everyone needs to use the same 3D6) there is an online playthrough so you can see how it works here

International Game Jam Winners: Three colourful competition winners can be found at this link for your free print and play pleasure along with links to plenty of other ace roll and write games from a game jam

Online Battleships Game

The old favourite, handy if there are just two of you wanting to play a quick game

And Finally …

If you want something a little more tactile, here is an online Jenga balancing blocks tower – enjoy! Sadly you can’t take it in turns but everyone can have a tower of their own and play on the honour system.