Bez Shahriari

Bez Shahriari

Born in Glasgow, Bez fell in love with games at an early age. Her first memory is crawling towards a ZX Spectrum loading screen and since she was physically able to play computer and board games, she has been in love with rules, mechanics and their potential for entertainment or even contributing meaningfully towards someone’s life. One rule change can alter the game massively and it is this emergent chaotic complexity that has made Bez stay in love with game design.

She started seriously designing board games in 2006, but it wasn’t until she moved to London in 2012 that she discovered dedicated playtesting groups. Since then, she has been developing board games in earnest. ‘In A Bind’ was the first one that she considered genuinely super-awesome. It was remade as ‘Yogi’ and has gone on to sell many copies in 19+ languages. Bez subsequently created a game system (now called the ELL deck), and Kitty Cataclysm, both of which were funded on KS. She has also co-created a LARP about legal gender status, and is co-creating a boardgame about discrimination.

She is working to turn game design/publishing and illustration into a sustainable career.

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