Role Playing Games – Pickup Games at ScaledCon

Did not have time to write and submit a game to GM at ScaledCon. Can’t find an RPG to play amongst our pre-registered games. Want to play something quick and light with only one page of rules? ScaledCon have you covered. Here are a couple of links to one page microgames that you can easily use to start a pick up roleplaying game on the day. Just provide a link to to the game you want to play from the lists below to your player’s and viola, everyone will have the rules to play. Then you can use Webex and Rolz to get a game going.

TableTop Gaming Magazine

The wonderful folk at TableTop Gaming magazine have links to 14 free microgames you can download and play most are just one or two pages in size.

Amongst a strong field New Gods of Babel looks interesting, so here is an online Jenga balancing block tower for you to use with it.

Passenger also look interesting though maybe a little close to home for some at present

Rowan, Rook and Decard

Rowan Rook and Decard have a website with variety of cool one page pay what you want games.

If we had to choose three they would be:

Honey Heist like Ocean’s Eleven but with bears!

The Witch is Dead a game about a witch’s familiars seeking vengeance.

Pride and Extreme Prejudice all about marriageable ladies and giant robots

Something more traditional

If you want to run a more traditional game here is a site for quickly pre-generating characters for a variety of systems

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