Scheduled Board Games

Most of the boardgames will be pick-up games, but we do have some scheduled offerings for you.

A pretty wooden board game. Probably not the kind we’ll be playing at ScaledCon

Games with Bez Shahriari from Stuff by Bez

A chance to play 3 different Games with one of our special guests, Bez Shahriari A chance to play the games with their creator. Starting at 14:00, 14:30, 15:00, 15:30, 16:00 and 16:30 from the “Dining Room” on our Discord Server.

3 different word games. Each one is playable from 1-MANY players, and each takes 30-ish minutes, which means that folk can easily join for just a few games if they prefer that. As long as you arrive on the hour, or 30 minutes past the hour, you should be able to join in.

In order, we will play: 3-mell, a game about making a mixture of tiny words of 1-3 letters. Each word scores according to its length, but balance the different lengths for the most points!

More strategy/planning than vocabulary. Muckell, a game about making long words. You’re growing up to 3 words at once, trying to use every card, whilst also making your words as long as you can.

5-cell, a game about filling in 5 small grids. Each row/column that is a word scores a point. A perfect grid will get you a hefty bonus! All the games require pen(cil) and paper.

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