Andrew and Jenny Harman

From, left to right: Jenny Harman and Andrew Harman

Andrew Harman is an award-winning designer of many games – from ‘Ominoes’ the dice tactics game to ‘Games from the Deep, Dark Wood’ a family friendly Gruffalo inspired game and beyond. He is currently working on around 20 new games ranging from very simple quick card games up to chunkier one-hour Euro style games. ‘I design with the player’s experience in mind. I want the games I deign to pack the most fun with the minimal of rules and explanation. It seems to be working so far’.

Jenny Harman co-designed ‘Snaggit’ the speed reaction game with Andrew and has designed a storytelling detective game and an area control game for kids called ‘Caterpillars’. Both are still in development. She is vital in keeping Andrew under control when designing games. ‘Keep it simple is my mantra.’

Andrew and Jenny Harman are also known as YAY Games.

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