Andrew and Jenny Harman

From, left to right: Jenny Harman and Andrew Harman

Andrew Harman is an award-winning designer of many games – from ‘Ominoes’ the dice tactics game to ‘Games from the Deep, Dark Wood’ a family friendly Gruffalo inspired game and beyond. He is currently working on around 20 new games ranging from very simple quick card games up to chunkier one-hour Euro style games. ‘I design with the player’s experience in mind. I want the games I deign to pack the most fun with the minimal of rules and explanation. It seems to be working so far’.

Jenny Harman co-designed ‘Snaggit’ the speed reaction game with Andrew and has designed a storytelling detective game and an area control game for kids called ‘Caterpillars’. Both are still in development. She is vital in keeping Andrew under control when designing games. ‘Keep it simple is my mantra.’

Andrew and Jenny Harman are also known as YAY Games.

Scheduled Board Games

Most of the boardgames will be pick-up games, but we do have some scheduled offerings for you.

A pretty wooden board game. Probably not the kind we’ll be playing at ScaledCon

Games with Bez Shahriari from Stuff by Bez

A chance to play 3 different Games with one of our special guests, Bez Shahriari A chance to play the games with their creator. Starting at 14:00, 14:30, 15:00, 15:30, 16:00 and 16:30 from the “Dining Room” on our Discord Server.

3 different word games. Each one is playable from 1-MANY players, and each takes 30-ish minutes, which means that folk can easily join for just a few games if they prefer that. As long as you arrive on the hour, or 30 minutes past the hour, you should be able to join in.

In order, we will play: 3-mell, a game about making a mixture of tiny words of 1-3 letters. Each word scores according to its length, but balance the different lengths for the most points!

More strategy/planning than vocabulary. Muckell, a game about making long words. You’re growing up to 3 words at once, trying to use every card, whilst also making your words as long as you can.

5-cell, a game about filling in 5 small grids. Each row/column that is a word scores a point. A perfect grid will get you a hefty bonus! All the games require pen(cil) and paper.

Ry Herman

Ry Herman – Image by Kate Haag

Born in the US, Ry Herman is now a permanent Scottish resident. He has been writing for most of his life, and his debut novel, the queer supernatural romcom Love Bites, will be published by Jo Fletcher Books in July of 2020.

Ry has worked at a variety of jobs, including submissions editor, theatre technician, and one job which could best be described as typing the number five all day long.

He acts and directs, and performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2017 and 2019. He is bisexual and genderqueer. Hobbies include baking bread, playing tabletop roleplaying games, and reading as many books as humanly possible.

You can find out more about Love Bites and pre-order it here

Rita Orlov

Rita Orlov

Rita Orlov is a designer, maker, puzzlesmith and creator of PostCurious, a company specializing in narrative tabletop puzzle adventures. With a background in escape rooms and various kinds of design, Rita lives for the surprises and “aha” moments that can be discovered through puzzles and gamified storytelling. She holds a BFA from The Rhode Island School of Design. 

Rita is launching a Kickstarter soon for her latest creation, The Emerald Flame.

Find out more about Rita and PostCurious at the following links:
Instagram: @postcurious
Twitter: @getpostcurious
KS pre-launch page:

ScaledCon Convention Policies

Wrapping things up in red tape

General Policy

All individuals participating in ScaledCon are required to have a valid ticket. This is for admin purposes and to signify that we have permission to email you with details about the event. 

The event organisers reserve the right to refuse or rescind entry.

Game and Event Policy

While the organisers make every effort to ensure that information on the website and in the programme is accurate, on occasion events may have to be modified or cancelled at short notice for reasons beyond their control.

In the event of inadvertent over booking, people who have pre-booked events or games will have priority over those booking on the day.

If you do not report punctually for an event or game you have signed up for, then the event host may decide you have forfeited your booking. In this case they may choose to allow someone else to fill your slot. If you are not sure where you need to be or when please speak to an event organiser or moderator.

Organisers, Judges’, GMs’, and moderators’ decisions are final, please treat them with respect.

Games and other events at ScaledCon will not charge entrance fees or other monies for participating in them.  The exceptions are the Charity Auction if you wish to make a purchase, or Charity Re-Rolls (if your GM permits) and you wish to purchase one.

Refund Policy

ScaledCon is a free online event.  We will not charge you for a ticket, if someone tries to charge for a ticket, they are not ScaledCon.  We will not be liable for incidental costs incurred attending ScaledCon.

Anti-Harassment Policy

Scaled Events is dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable experience for everyone who attends ScaledCon. Any kind of behaviour that is perceived as threatening or disturbing, including, but not limited to, unwelcome attention, verbal harassment and unwelcome image sharing will not be tolerated.

If you are being harassed, notice that someone else is being harassed, or have any other concerns, please contact a member of the organising team immediately.

All reports will be recorded and the convention organiser will be informed. The organisers will discuss the situation internally, as well as with any relevant parties, and a decision will then be made on what, if any, action is to be taken. If necessary, the matter will be taken up with Police Scotland.

Individuals violating these rules may be sanctioned at the discretion of the event moderators. Sanctions may include, but are not limited to expulsion from the event and exclusion from any future events hosed by Scaled Events.

Diversity Policy

ScaledCon is positive about diversity and will not tolerate unfair discrimination on grounds of gender, sexuality, race, personal belief, disability, age or other protected characteristic. A small number of games may have an age limit due to the nature of their content.

Anyone found to be unfairly discriminating may be sanctioned at the discretion of the event committee. Sanctions may include, but are not limited to expulsion from this event and future events hosted by Scaled Events.

Child Protection Policy

Children over the age of 13 are welcome provided a responsible adult is supervising them and the responsible adult is responsible for their online safety and conduct.  Under 18’s are restricted to games with suitable content rating for their age.

While ScaledCon makes every effort to ensure a safe environment for children under 18, parents and guardians must take sole responsibility for their children as ScaledCon does not have qualified or vetted carers available and the organisers and moderators are not responsible for what is said or written in what is operating as a public forum.

Lost, Damaged and Stolen Property

ScaledCon accepts no responsibility or liability for your personal belongings. This is a virtual convention, if you lose something at home, it is probably under the sofa.

We do recommend that your anti-virus software etc. is up to date.  We have no intention of doing anything to put your data or your devices at risk, but these are basic precautions, like washing your hands.

Privacy Policy

ScaledCon will not pass your personal details to third parties except in the following circumstances:

Form submission is handled by Google Forms, therefore when you complete a form or poll you will be passing information to Google as well as ScaledCon

ScaledCon requires the use of technologies such as Webex, Zoom, Discord and other platforms.  They handle your data in accordance with their privacy policies.

When you register for tickets the registration involves 3rd parties such as Ti.To as such you will be passing information to them as well as ScaledCon.

We may use Mailchimp for our newsletters so signing up for newsletters will mean you are passing information to Mailchimp as well as ScaledCon. If you sign up for information newsletters you may unsubscribe at any time.

When you sign up for games your name and email address will be passed to your GM by ScaledCon

The names of GMs, guests, traders and those running other events will be publicised on the website

We may contact you in advance of the Convention if we require additional information from you or need to resolve an issue.

Photography and Filming

We request that you do not broadcast or record any aspect of ScaledCon without the express written permission of all of those involved in the broadcast.  Screenshots and other recordings for the sole purpose of reporting misconduct are the exception.  These should not be passed to third parties or otherwise shared except with members of the moderator team.

Bez Shahriari

Bez Shahriari

Born in Glasgow, Bez fell in love with games at an early age. Her first memory is crawling towards a ZX Spectrum loading screen and since she was physically able to play computer and board games, she has been in love with rules, mechanics and their potential for entertainment or even contributing meaningfully towards someone’s life. One rule change can alter the game massively and it is this emergent chaotic complexity that has made Bez stay in love with game design.

She started seriously designing board games in 2006, but it wasn’t until she moved to London in 2012 that she discovered dedicated playtesting groups. Since then, she has been developing board games in earnest. ‘In A Bind’ was the first one that she considered genuinely super-awesome. It was remade as ‘Yogi’ and has gone on to sell many copies in 19+ languages. Bez subsequently created a game system (now called the ELL deck), and Kitty Cataclysm, both of which were funded on KS. She has also co-created a LARP about legal gender status, and is co-creating a boardgame about discrimination.

She is working to turn game design/publishing and illustration into a sustainable career.

Saturday Evening RPGs

The RPGs for the Saturday Evening RPG slot (20:00 to 23:00) will be posted here as we get them. Links to pre-registration for games will go live soon.

The hour is dark and the dice are too


GM: Martin Pickett
System: Traveller (Mongoose 2nd Ed)
Players 3 to 5
Content Rating: PG13
ReContact! : Skenta, 1032 Foreven. Interdicted for 400 years since a civil war destroyed the single habitable planet, killing nearly 3 billion sophonts in the process. To contain the threat, their neighbours destroyed every jump-capable ship in the system and retreated, wiping the databases of every mention of Skenta except a stark prohibition on contact. To this day the Skenta League and the Vilhet Open Alliance continue their bitter conflict through minor incidents and regrettable mistakes, each side maneuvering for advantage over the other.
On a lonely research base hidden in the asteroid fields, scientists seek to re-invent the jump drive, a weapon that would all but guarantee victory for the VOA. Unless the enemy get it first. And unless something else happens…

Stupid Heroes!

GM: Lion Templin
System: Homebrew
Players 3 to 6
Content Rating: 18+
Stupid Heroes! : When the world dredges up the dumbest of super villains, there’s only one thing the public can do: go back to work and ignore it. Because this sounds like a job for Stupid Heroes! Stupid evil demands a stupid hero. Join us in the Hall of Breakfast with your own questionably useful or pretty damn unsafe super powers as we fight to keep the world meh from the menace of poor life choice super villains! It’s up to you to save(?) the day … again. Stupid Heroes is a one-shot adventure run on the GM’s own system that he makes up during the game. Required: Sarcasm, duh. Biting wit, check. Blatant disregard for common sense, POWER ON FOR ADVENTURE! And there will be some dice or something. Timmy Power Gamer and Rules Lawyer Larry need not apply. Prop 53 Warning: May cause cancer in some countries. Off void in Utah. Best viewed with Booze! Stupid Heroes, it’s .. OK!

Easy Money!

GM: Andy Random
System: Subjective Fudge, Background: Firefly universe
Players 3 to 5
Content Rating: 15+
Easy Money! :

It seemed like an easy job, pick up a cargo, take it out to the Rim, get paid… and the pay was good!

Perhaps too good?
Are you suspicious?
Has greed overcome caution?
Well Duh!
I mean, how bad could it be?

Game set in the Firefly universe (though PCs will not be characters from the show), but using simple Fudge rules (no knowledge of Fudge required).

Saturday Afternoon RPGs

The RPGs for the Saturday Afternoon RPG slot (14:00 to 17:00) will be posted here as we get them. Links to pre-registration for games will go live soon.

Treasure is not always what it seems

Agone: The Inspiring Flame

GM: Stephen McMorland
System: Agone’s unique system (Attribute + Skill+ Bonuses +D10)
Players 4 to 6
Agone – The Inspiring Flame: A Baroque dark fantasy which features strange races, and a unique form of magic based on The Arts the world is suffering under the evil machinations of a mad god determined to destroy all beauty, freedom and free will, as The Inspired you have the power to defy him, save the goddesses that can revive the world and save everyone.

Dragonshard Heist

GM: Richard Coates
System: D&D 5e Ebberon
Players 4 to 6
Content Rating: PG13
Dragonshard Heist : Rollicking Wild West style Steampunk Fantasy with players cast as outlaws. There will be Injuns ( goblins), corrupt lawmen ( undead) stage coaches and the rest. Wanted ( add your name here) dead or alive. Reward 500gp . You tear down the poster and laugh: youve not even got started yet!
You’ve heard rumours a wagon is coming by these parts ( Orcbone) It is carrying a consignment of Dragonshard crystals: fantastically valuable gems vital to magical technology. It will be well defended, perhaps the native goblins might help… at a price. GM using Zoom as subscribes to Zoom Pro.

This Forgotten Babylon

GM: Martin Pickett
System: Traveller (Mongoose 2nd Ed)
Players 3 to 5
Content Rating: PG13
This Forgotten Babylon : On a desolate planet in a remote system, a survey crew has found something extraordinary. A ruined city, abandoned for tens of thousands of years, build with technology never seen before. Immediately the system was placed under interdiction, and a courier sent to arrange a large-scale survey mission.
But a secret is a hard thing to keep. Freelance salvage crews across the sub-sector keep administrators ‘on retainer’ to get word of finds like this first, to steal a march on the competition. You are one such crew, and years of bribes have just paid off. Imagine the price you will get, selling the first artifacts of this newly discovered alien race.
You have arrived in-system, ahead of the competition and the authorities. All you have to do now is fill your hold with treasures and get away before anyone can stop you. Simple.

The Box of Dreams The Box of Dreams

GM: Aaron Billingham
System: Coriolis
Players 3 to 5
Content Rating: PG13
The Box of Dreams: The portal jumps and space runs back to Coriolis Station have been agonisingly long. Threateningly close to the cold dark, even your cargo hold full of treasure has been no comfort. It should have been an easy job picking apart valuable tech and cultural artefacts from the trash of an abandoned planet, but one charming little box caught your engineer’s eye, who on a whim, added it to your haul. And then dreams began. All could be yours: the treasure, the ship, more even, and for such a small price, just open the box.
A science-fiction thriller set to Coriolis’s ‘Arabian Nights in space’ background.


GM: Alan Jackson
System: Homebrew
Players 4 to 5
Content Rating: 15+
Dropzone: Join the Colonial Marines! Explore the Galaxy. Meet new exciting xenomorphs and get eaten by them. Colony planet LV-246 has stopped responding and you’ve been sent to find out why. Good luck.

This game will run over Zoom

Saturday Morning RPGs

The RPGs for the Saturday Morning RPG slot (10:00 to 13:00) will be posted here as we get them. Links to pre-registration for games will go live soon.

Trust not in the dice, for they will lead you to madness

Creeping Doom

GM: Simon Proctor
System: Numenera
Players 3 to 5
Creeping Doom: The village of Gelbrox has a problem. A giant numenera device has been slowly approaching for many years. Now it encroaches on the farmlands and the elders have asked you to help.

Trooble t’ Mill

GM: Richard Coates
System: D&D 5e Ebberon
Players 4 to 6
Content Rating: PG13
Trooble t’ Mill : A Dickensian flavour steampunk noir adventure set in the City of Sharn, Ebberon: a city of shining skyscrapers above and festering slums below. You scratch a living as freelance oinvestigators. You have been offered a highly lucrative but highly dangerous contract to uncover the illegal use of magical technology by a prominent House Cannith industrialist. Start by finding out why his locked out workers are rioting. GM using Zoom as subscribes to Zoom Pro.

Princess Noreena’s Hats

GM: Martin Pickett
System: The Princess Bride RPG
Players 3 to 5
Content Rating: PG13
Princess Noreena’s Hats: Tensions are running high between Florin and Guilder, Prince Humperdinck’s ships shutting down all official trade between the two neighbouring countries. This leaves many opportunities for enterprising private individuals to supply the demand.
Short on money and goodwill (as usual), you have a chance to earn both. All you have to do, according to your employer, is simply transport some hats from Florin to Princess Noreena, ruler of Guilder. Simple, no?

Tabula Rasa

GM: Matthew Barrowcliffe
System: Homebrew
Players 3 to 5
Content Rating: 15+
Tabula Rasa: You have a headache, you are tied up in a small room with some others. You all look confused. Where are you? Who are you?

Garden Party

GM: Steve Ironside
System: Over the Edge, Second Edition
Players: 3 to 5
Content Rating: 15+
Garden Party: Mayor Monique D’Aubainne of Al-Amarja has sent you a free, Free, ALL-EXPENSES-PAID! VIP pass to visit the island for a soireé that she is giving in a couple of days’ time. With things the way they are at home, this seems like a perfect opportunity to get away, and maybe even discover a permanent new life – the Mayor certainly seems keen to have you come along, even though you’ve never heard of her or the island! Still, as the plane descends, you’re confident that a good time awaits..

Brian Nisbet

Brian Nisber

Brian Nisbet started running running gaming (Leprecon, Gaelcon, K2) and SF conventions in Ireland in the mid-90s. In 1998 he got involved in the International Discworld Convention, held in the UK, and went on to chair it twice in 2010 & 2012. He co-chaired Shamrokon, the 2014 Eurocon. 

Since then he’s mostly been on the committees of Worldcons (Helsinki, San Jose, Dublin, Washington DC) or Worldcon bids (Chicago in 2022, Glasgow in 2024) in a variety of roles.

He’s been attending Conpulsion since the late 90s and he’s been MCing the Charity Auction there since… er… a while. He’s incredibly sad to be missing all of his Scottish gaming friends this year, but he’s very proud to help out with the online version of the auction!