ScaledCon Feedback

Thanks to all those who supported our convention and completed our survey. Here are the results:

Overall people seemed to enjoy themselves, we averaged 4.2 stars with no score below a 3

There seemed to be a lot of interest in making ScaledCon a monthly event on the first Saturday of the month while the Covid-19 outbreak is ongoing and we intend to do just that. The next event will be rather smaller, watch the website for details

The most popular aspects of the convention appeared to be the role playing games and the chance to socialise while board games were also popular, therefore we shall be concentrating on these aspects next month.

On the technology front Discord appeared to work well for most people, but Webex was more problematic so we shall seek to provide either better support or a different solution at future events. A few people also reported finding the website a little tricky to navigate. The simpler format of future events should allow us to streamline this. We shall also continue to investigate online game solutions and we now have a tech support page which we hope will be useful to people for future events.

Finally we received some helpful comments regarding possible online roleplaying solutions. We will be looking at Roll20 to see whether that will be a good solution going forward and we will try to make online game booking more accessible and open bookings earlier for the next event. Hopefully this will allow GMs and players a better chance to get games organised.

Many thanks for your feedback, we are glad you seem to have had as much fun participating as we had organising. We hope to see you next month for ScaledCon May.

PS- the details of the past convention can still be found here, the next event can be found here

ScaledCon Convention Thanks and Summary

Thank you all so much for helping to make ScaledCon a big online success on Saturday 4th April. We owe thanks to a lot of people for making our online tabletop games convention a success.

  • Thanks to the guests who gave generously of their time in panels. (videos on YouTube)
  • Thanks to the GMs who organised and ran games at short notice, often on new and unfamiliar technology.
  • Thanks to the traders who supported our event with their attendance, events and discounts
  • Thanks to all those who made donations to the charity auction and to those who donated so generously to the charity
  • Finally thanks to all those who came along and participated so enthusiastically to make our online convention such a success at such short notice
Thank You by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images

We raised over £450 for the Grassmarket Community Project thank you very much to everyone who assisted in that effort.

We had over 100 attendees and a wealth of guests, traders, panels, demos and games alongside the charity auction, the quiz, game livestreaming and general socialising. We hope you had as much fun as we did.

Feedback from our convention survey seems to suggest that a lot of people would be interested in a monthly event while the Covid-19 lockdown is in progress. We will therefore be arranging a slightly more compact and lean event for Saturday May 2nd starting at 13.30. It will likely be just two gaming slots with a break for socialising and a and discussion panel in the middle. Keep an eye on the website for more details over the next few days.

If you missed ScaledCon, never fear. Many of our panels with authors and game designers were immortalised as webchats and can be found on YouTube

PS- the details of the past convention can still be found here, the next event can be found here

Tech Support

We understand that this is all a bit of an experiment so here are a few links to help you out


If you can get onto our discord channel we can help you from there but just in case that is tricky here are some tutorials for the various systems.

There have been some reports that some evil ISPs block discord. If that is the case then these posts will tell you how to change your DNS server to google to prevent the evil and Google DNS is or

The Empire … here to help whether you like it or not!






If you need more help try asking in our discord channels, friendly geeks will be happy to help you


We are running a Gwent tournament at ScaledCon from 10.30-13.00. Rounds will be half an hour and to keep things simple it will be run on knockout format.

Here is the 16 person tournament ladder for this tournament for you to put your name down. We apologise than it is teeny tiny with scroll bars, but the tech gremlins are not allowing us to resize it. 16 players is 4 rounds of play which should fit neatly into the time slot with 30 minute games.

If you have not played Gwent before it is not too late to download the free starting game and give it a go. We feel sure that friendly players will be happy to teach the game to some new opponents. Good luck and play nice!


Ryan and Kevin the lovely folk from InDevelopment Games and Boomer’s Workshop have generously offered to show off their new card game Stitchcraft at ScaledCon. This is an exclusive opportunity to play the beta version of Stitchcraft on Steam and take part in a tournament as well.

Stitchcraft is coming to Kickstarter in April as a physical card game and is coming to Steam soon as well. As a special treat they are going to arrange temporary beta access to the Steam version for players at ScaledCon from 12.30 to 18.00 on Saturday April 4th and the developers will be on hand in Discord to teach you how to play and arrange a tournament.

Game tutorials on Steam will run from 13.00 to 15.00 and then you will get a chance to play the game in a tournament from 15.00 to 17.30. You will need a Steam account to play. Keys will be distributed by the designers on the day.

Stitchcraft – weave a winning strategy with your tapestries!

Obviously we are stoked to have such an exciting exclusive, please show the game designers your appreciation by giving their game a try. Tickets for ScaledCon are available free from

Note that some of this event may go on on InDevelopment’s separate Discord channel also you may need your steam ID to get registered, details on how to do that can be found here. If it does not show up when you look at the store try the instructions here it shows up just where the green box in the picture below is. That said the eager folks over there are working hard to simplify this, watch this space.

13 digit steam ID surprisingly elusive!

Role Playing Games – Pickup Games at ScaledCon

Did not have time to write and submit a game to GM at ScaledCon. Can’t find an RPG to play amongst our pre-registered games. Want to play something quick and light with only one page of rules? ScaledCon have you covered. Here are a couple of links to one page microgames that you can easily use to start a pick up roleplaying game on the day. Just provide a link to to the game you want to play from the lists below to your player’s and viola, everyone will have the rules to play. Then you can use Webex and Rolz to get a game going.

TableTop Gaming Magazine

The wonderful folk at TableTop Gaming magazine have links to 14 free microgames you can download and play most are just one or two pages in size.

Amongst a strong field New Gods of Babel looks interesting, so here is an online Jenga balancing block tower for you to use with it.

Passenger also look interesting though maybe a little close to home for some at present

Rowan, Rook and Decard

Rowan Rook and Decard have a website with variety of cool one page pay what you want games.

If we had to choose three they would be:

Honey Heist like Ocean’s Eleven but with bears!

The Witch is Dead a game about a witch’s familiars seeking vengeance.

Pride and Extreme Prejudice all about marriageable ladies and giant robots

Something more traditional

If you want to run a more traditional game here is a site for quickly pre-generating characters for a variety of systems

Additional Boardgame Options

Over the last few weeks demand for Tabletopia and BoardgameArena our main platforms for board games at ScaledCon have understandably spiked leading to capacity issues for free accounts.

For when your backup plan needs a backup plan

Therefore here are some other options that it might be worth getting prior to the day to ensure that you can easily play games with your friends at the convention.

Board Games on Steam

There are currently several boardgames available free on Steam. Be aware that some of these may be limited time offers, so acquire them now in case they are back to full price by the time of the convention

Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig (tile placement -free if you get it before 30th March):

Memoir 44 Online (wargame):

Drawful 2 (drawing game) :

Imagination (card game):

Risk Global Domination (basic edition of the wargame):

Printable Write and Roll Games

Got a printer, a pen and either some dice or access to Rolz? Then you can play some print and play goodness with your friends at the convention.

Rolling Realms: The lovely folk at Stonemaier Games have released a free roll and write game called Rolling Realms which can be downloaded from here . you will need a printer, a pen and the dice roller at (since everyone needs to use the same 3D6) there is an online playthrough so you can see how it works here

International Game Jam Winners: Three colourful competition winners can be found at this link for your free print and play pleasure along with links to plenty of other ace roll and write games from a game jam

Online Battleships Game

The old favourite, handy if there are just two of you wanting to play a quick game

And Finally …

If you want something a little more tactile, here is an online Jenga balancing blocks tower – enjoy! Sadly you can’t take it in turns but everyone can have a tower of their own and play on the honour system.

Conor Kostick

Conor Kostick

Conor Kostick was a designer for the world’s first live action role-playing game, Treasure Trap before moving into literary pursuits. Conor was the editor of Socialist Worker in Ireland and a reviewer for the Journal of Music in Ireland and twice chairperson of the Irish Writers’ Union.

He was awarded the Farmleigh writer’s residency for the summer of 2010 and a place on the nominees list for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award 2012 and 2013. In 2015, Conor Kostick became Chairperson of the Irish Copyright Licensing Agency and was President of the Irish Jury for the EU Prize for Literature, and in that year too he was appointed to the Board of the National Library of Ireland. In 2018, the Kerala Literature Festival, India, chose to showcase Irish literature and Conor Kostick was one of seven Irish writers invited to participate as well as being recruited by the UK’s Ockham Publishing to lead a new imprint, Level Up publishing, publishing LitRPG.