Charity – The Grassmarket Project

The ScaledCon charity in 2020 will be the Grassmarket Community Project.

Grassmarket Community Project create safe spaces & deliver activities to feed,nurture & connect vulnerable adults. It supports people through transition and re-connects disengaged people. This is the ethos that underpins all the elements of what we provide from our free community meals to cooking to physical exercise to training & work opportunities to advice to arts programmes.


ScaledCon is free but if you would like to make any donation via it would be much appreciated. In difficult times like these that Edinburgh really needs a strong community and organisations like Grassmarket Community Project have a major role to play in that. You will be helping some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

Oh and if you send us an email to with a screenshot showing us you made a donation and we will email you our ScaledCon Mystery Charity Bundle, a continuously updated set of links to cool free stuff for gamers as a token of our appreciation.

Charity Rerolls

We here at ScaledCon cannot condone cheating! However we can condone GMs allowing players to reroll dice in exchange for a small donation (we suggest a pound) to . Please note that this option is completely at the discretion of your GM.

Just Giving do not charge a platform fee but they do have to pass on the card processing fee of 1.9%+20p per transaction to the charity. Therefore we would ask that you keep count of all your rerolls and pay for them in one lump sum to maximise the amount received by Grassmarket Community Project . We know we can trust you to play fair. After all “A Lannister always pays their debts” and you are nicer than them right?