Pub Quiz

ScaledCon Pub Quiz

Deviser of Questions: Craig Oxbrow
Quiz Host: To be confirmed
Players: Many
ScaledCon Pub Quiz: A quiz. Likely to be geeky. Held in one of our virtual “pub” spaces. More information to follow.

As it will be difficult to allow teams to self-organise themselves the pub quiz will consist of four teams which players may elect to join. The team names will be announced on the day but lets just say that a sorting hat will likely be involved 😉

The quiz will be held in a Discord channel and your answer should be expressed thus:

Teamname – Answer

The first correct answer to each question will get 10 points for that team. A tie will get 5 points for all correct ansers. Each incorrect answer will get -1 point for that team. Players playing for more than one team is not permitted

The scoreboard for the pub quiz can be found here