Role Playing Games – May Listings

Here are the listings for the roleplaying games for Saturday 2nd May. A small but delightful set of games covering a wide range of styles and systems. The signup link for games will be emailed to you when you get your free ticket for the event

The pre-reg page is here

Afternoon slot (14.00-17.00)

The Cave

4-6 Players, PG13, D&D 5e, Richard Coates

All you can remember is you were playing Dungeons and Dragons with some mates in a basement flat. The new DM was a total geek, even wore a cloak and a wizard’s hat for heaven’s sake! He seemed irked that you guys were not taking his game seriously enough. He started fiddling with some pendant around his neck and talking gibberish. You feel faintly sorry for him and wish you hadn’t rubbed that barbecue chicken leg in his face. You awake. Your head hurts. It is dark and cold. Something wet is dripping on your head. You feel something soft brush past your leg, You kick out and you hear a squeaking sound. A few feet away you can hear something stirring… Your goal: get back to normal. That is if you can remember what normal is anyway.

An Inquiry Into The Wealth Of Matrons

3-6 Players, PG13, Manifold System, GM Martin Pickett

Horace Gladstone is the heir to significant fortune, engaged to be married to the lovely Fiona Tavistock. But Fiona’s mother Diana is a founder member of the notorious Last Wives Club, a group of rich widows who have each lost more husbands than etiquette would deem seemly. Their activities have aroused the suspicions of Mars’ pre-eminent (and only) consulting detective, Miss Margaret Walcott. Desperate to stop the tragedy she sees coming, Margaret Walcott contacted Horace and warned him. But now Fiona and Horace have suddenly been whisked away to a “pre-wedding shooting party” by the ladies of the Club, and Margaret Walcott is sending her trusted associates, “the Landing Site Unmentionables”, to try and rescue the situation. A game of Scientific Romance and Steampunk adventure, set on the Victorian colony of Mars.

Evening Slot (18.00-2100)

The Inspiring Flame

3-6 players, 18+, Agone System, GM Stephen McMorland

The Greatest heroes of The Last Age of Heroes gather to defend their realm from Perfidy. Legends are born this day

If this flame does not inspire you what will. Look at it. Clearly eldritch!

The First Woman On Mars

3-6 Players, PG13, Manifold System, GM Martin Pickett

Gertrude Kaur Featheringstone, The First Woman, commander of the landing capsule that brought humans to Mars. One of the most loved and respected people in the Martian colony and a fierce advocate for the poor. Her husband Paramjit Singh is one of the First Men, the survivors of the 23rd Sikh Pioneers who were the first men to step foot on Mars. He needs help, because his wife has gone missing and he fears something dreadful may have happened. If she has been harmed, it could cause riots. Mars’ pre-eminent (and only) consulting detective, Miss Margaret Walcott, has mobilized her trusted associates, “the Landing Site Unmentionables” to find Gertrude and return her before anyone else notices. A game of Scientific Romance and Steampunk adventure, set on the Victorian colony of Mars.

Randall Blackwood and the Esoteric Library of Doom

3-6 Players, 15+, D&D 5e Ebberron, GM RichardCoates

Randall Blackwood of the fabulously rich and famous Blackwood family is hiring. Unlike his brother Raynard, a valiant and shrewd general in the army of Breland and his sister a popular arch cleric in church of the Sovereign Host. Randall is a fop, dilettante and self-styled ( theoretical ) arcanist whose most impressive stat is his bank balance. Anywho, he is a well read and very convincing fellow. He has has convinced you to join him in his expedition to find the lost Esoteric Library of Cyre in the Mournland (or was it the 200gp and share of the loot, apart from books, that got your attention?). He does seem to know what he is talking about and may even be the powerful wizard he claims to be. Unfortunately after your all expenses paid lightning rail journey to the Mournland and 2 days tramping through desert swathed in multicoloured fog and being set upon by nameless monstrosities you find he is a feckless twerp.

Don’t forget to get your free ticket for the event so that you can sign up for these lovely games. If nothing appeals you could always run a game of your own, this page has more details