ScaledCon – April 2020

The year is 2020…

ScaledCon: The Year is 2020 and a pandemic is sweeping the globe. Amidst the turmoil a few geeky cyberpunks based in Edinburgh decide they are going to replace their cancelled local games convention with a free online version. Will they succeed? Stay tuned to between now and Saturday April 4th 2020 to find out. Registration now live!!!!

Unfortunately Conpulsion Flame has been cancelled. In its place we are going to run an online virtual convention called ScaledCon. Will this work? Who knows but feel free to have an adventure with us finding out.

The basic plan is to use Discord as a large public space to hang out, socialise and chat. We will use Webex and Rolz to run role playing games. We plan to use and to run board games. We also plan to have a charity auction, donations are welcome. The convention and all the technologies we plan to use to run the convention will be free, though donations to charity if you find yourself having fun are welcome.

More details on how to set up your computer or phone to take part in this event can be found on the other pages of this site.  Most of them are fairly self-explanatory and you can find the links above. We are also working on a schedule of events.

Please bear with us. The need for an online replacement for Edinburgh’s usual table top games convention, Conpulsion, has come about at short notice. If you want to volunteer help, offer to run a game, confirm attendance at the convention or ask questions please contact us at If you were already signed up for Conpulsion, please get in contact ASAP since GDPR means we likely don’t have your details and would not want you to miss out. If you don’t live in Edinburgh, don’t worry, you are still very welcome to join us, just get a ticket at .

We’ll see you in cyberspace soon punks!