Charity Auction Lots

We’re having a charity auction!!! We’re still figuring out some of the logistics, but we’re going to be supporting the Grassmarket Community Project with the proceeds. We’ll be listing the lots here as they come in and updating this as we have more information. Please be aware that there may be a delay in getting physical lots to you and we cannot ship physical lots overseas at this time

If you would like to make a donation to the auction (especially virtual goods like game PDFs to which you own the copyright) please get in touch with us at

The Lots

A Knitted Blue Mouse (Physical Lot)

A Knitted Blue Mouse

The first lot donated to the Charity Auction is a Knitted Blue Mouse. This was hand-crafted by the mother of Convention Director, Tiggs and is as such bound to make you smile. Guaranteed not to turn into a Lovecraftian horror, unlike the next lot …

A Complete Digital The Yellow King RPG. (donated by Pelgrane Press – Virtual Lot)

  • the four YKRPG PDFs:
    • Belle Époque Paris, where a printed version of the dread play is first published. Players portray American art students in its absinthe-soaked world, navigating the Parisian demimonde and investigating mysteries involving gargoyles, vampires, and decadent alien royalty.
    • The Wars, an alternate reality in which the players take on the role of soldiers bogged down in the great European conflict of 1947. While trying to stay alive on an eerie, shifting battlefield, they investigate supernatural mysteries generated by the occult machinations of the Yellow King and his rebellious daughters.
    • Aftermath, set later in the same reality, in present day North America. A bloody insurrection has toppled a dictatorial regime loyal to Carcosa. Players become former partisans adjusting to ordinary life, trying to build a just society from the ashes of civil war. But not all of the monsters have been thoroughly banished—and like it or not, they’re the ones with the skills to hunt them and finish them off.
    • This is Normal Now. In the present day we know, albeit one subtly permeated by supernatural beings and maddening reality shifts, ordinary people band together, slowly realizing that they are the key to ending a menace spanning eras and realities.
  • The exclusive Yellow King RPG music mp3s
  • PNGs and PDFs of the Shock & Injury card decks for the game
  • The Doors to Heaven, a bonus Yellow King RPG adventure
  • PDF of the in-world YKRPG city guide Absinthe in Carcosa
  • PDF, EPUB & MOBI formats of Robin D. Laws’s novel The Missing and the Lost.

A complete digital Dracula Dossier campaign for Night’s Black Agents. (donated by Pelgrane PressVirtual Lot)

A complete Stone Skin Press fiction anthology bundle. (donated by Stone Skin Press – Virtual Lot)

  • The New Hero Volume 1 – Fourteen gripping and distinctive variations on the classic hero story.
  • The New Hero Volume 2 – Thirteen thrilling stories of threatened identity and vanquished disorder.
  • Shotguns v. Cthulhu – Pulse-pounding action meets cosmic horror in this exciting collection from the rising stars of the New Cthulhuiana.
  • The Lion and the Aardvark – Seventy writers from across the creative spectrum bring their modern sensibilities to the wisdom and clarity found in Aesop’s 2,500 year old fables.
  • Schemers – A genre-spanning short fiction exploration of grand schemes, Machiavellian maneuvering, and the knotty, micro-scaled twistings of the human heart.
  • The New Gothic – A collection of short stories which revisits to the core archetypes of the Gothic – the rambling, secret-filled building, the stranger seeking answers, the black-hearted tyrant. Includes an original story from the godfather of modern horror, Ramsey Campbell.
  • Letters to Lovecraft – Eighteen whispers to the darkness, taking its inspiration directly from the literary manifesto behind H. P. Lovecraft’s entire mythos.
  • Gods, Memes and Monsters – A dictionary of mythological creatures, offering more than sixty entries and short stories that range from the horrific to the humorous.
  • The Forgotten Monk – A high fantasy and high adventure novel, woven into a story of strong friendships, deadly hatreds, ingenious criminal mysteries and baffling affairs of the heart.
  • Swords v. Cthulhu – Twenty-two tales of the bite of steel against eldritch flesh, relentlessly hurtling you into madness and danger.
  • The Complete Stone Skin Bundle – Collecting all ten Stone Skin Press titles in a discounted bundle.
  • The Lovecraft Fiction Bundle – Featuring the mythos anthologies Shotguns v CthulhuSwords v Cthulhu, and Letters to Lovecraft.

Justin’s Mum’s Tea Brack Recipe (Virtual Lot)

Not quite like Justin’s Mum’s version

Justin’s mother makes a mean Tea Brack. She has never shared the recipe until now. In aid of the Grassmarket Community Project, she has been persuaded to share it, for a price. Taste one of the cakes that went into making the inimitable Justin Matters who he is today.

Fake News (Physical Lot)

Fake News the Card Game

As new, a game to fit the current climate. A card game for 2 or more players.

Tiggs Gluten Free Recipe Collection (Virtual Lot)

Cloutie dumpling, only one of the items in the recipie collection

Over the years at Conpulsion, Tiggs has baked cakes and shared them with Special Guests, GMs and other attendees.  As ScaledCon is an online event, she won’t be able to pass round the coffee cake, or the clootie dumpling.  In aid of the Grassmarket Community Project, Tiggs has written up a collection of the most requested.

Gambit – Artwork Print (Physical Lot)

Print of Gambit – Artist not determined

Back in the mists of time, when Tiggs was in her teens, she bought this at a comic convention. It was so long ago that she can’t remember the artist.  It has been kept carefully. It is a limited-edition print depicting Gambit of the X-Men.

Aventurine Potion Bottle Earings and Necklace (Physical Lot)

A pair of earings and a necklace with glass bottle pendants and bronze coloured fittings. The bottles are filled with polished aventurine gem chips.

Professional Sweedish Massage – 1 Hour Gift Certificate (Virtual Lot)

A 1 hour professional theraputic massage. Gift certificate (only redemable in Edinburgh after the current crisis means that we can start going out again. Donated by Belinda of Tailored Touch

Simone Cowl – Knitted Cowl (Physical Lot)

Knitted by Esther MacCallum-Stewart, the Chair of the Worldcon Bid for Glasgow in 2024. Simone Cowl is a circular neck scarf made from Malabrigo ‘Unicorno’ yarn in soft greys and a little bit of blue. Cat not included. The yarn is 100% wool (handwash in cold water only). Not suitable as a face covering but will keep your nose warm!

Grow Your Own Toilet Paper Kit (Virtual Lot)

Designed by Lauren of Stormclouds Chainmail, you’ll get the instructions and images of what you need to grow toilet roll from “pits”

Edler Horrors Jewellery Bundle (Physical Lot)

The lovey Lauren over at Stormclouds Chainmail has put together this Cthullu themed bundle for us.
1) Rainbow Octopus Necklace
2) Cthulhu pin badge
3) Cthulhu Ring – don’t ask what it’s made from
4) Elder Sign pin badge
5) An Octopus locket/vinaigrette locket. As in for smelly stuff. 

It will be posted out once she can leave the house.

The ScaledCon Mystery Bundle (Virtual Lot)

What’s in the box … Whats in the box!

We have assembled a number of weird and wonderful virtual items into a package for you. This lot can be bought by as many people as would like it. We hasten to add that many of these wonderful things are just links to things normally found free on the web. The others are trivial, silly and basically worthless. However you can have them for the princely sum of a donation to charity.