ScaledCon – Convention Map and Web Links

We may be a virtual convention but that does not mean that ScaledCon cannot use skuemorphic design to help you navigate around the convention. Here then is our virtual convention space modelled on Conpulsion’s usual space in Teviot Row student’s union, and you won’t even need to climb the stairs. For the schedule of events see here. For free tickets go to

ScaledCon map – like Teviot but hopefully with fewer confusing stairwells

Here are the links to the relevant Discord sub-channels for different things going on at the Convention (you may benefit from downloading the Discord app). Remember that individual games may be found in their own Webex channels, while many of our talks and panels will use ScaledCon’s main Webex channel, so you should download that software too. These are easily found also from the main ScaledCon Discord Channel.

We have also created 3 social voice channels for chatting and relaxing between games and events which can be found on the left hand navigation of the Discord Channel

  • The Loft Bar (for elevated conversation? also meet our traders)
  • The Middle Bar (for middle of the road conversation)
  • The Sports Bar (guess 🙂 )

Please remember this is a family friendly convention and keep language and topics in these public spaces clean

Some of our events may also use Webex. Webex links will be posted into the ‘Events in the Amphion’ Discord Channel at the appropriate times. Role playing games will also use Webex, check in the role playing discord channel to get details for your game.

For more detail on the convention please look at the menu items and submenu items in the top navigation. If you get stuck just ask for help in Discord or try emailing us on

Finally if you are having fun don’t forget to support our charity The Grassmarket Community Project